The best advice I’ve ever given

Losing weight is really the only advice I’ve given my family in the last five years. They aren’t overweight, but when they ask what they should do before they travel to Asia or Europe to visit me, I always say, ‘lose weight’. It’s quite clear that people need to stay healthy, but we think about eating fruit and veggies, going on a run, and lifting weights.

I don’t really like thinking that way. Instead I want everyone to just think about losing weight. When you decide to lose some weight, maybe 5% of your current weight, you have to take small changes daily. I ate Chinese food last night. That was unhealthy. So today I ran. That’s not enough. So I had a large salad for lunch. That’s a nice small choice, but what’s next? Well I’ll skip potatoes and replace them with broccoli over the weekend. I’ll crave veg and fresh. And I’ll do two spin classes. Once you start losing weight, you feel better. You move better, you run better, and your sex life is much better. I recommend it.