I learned in January 2017 that I have a moral compass. I’ve always told myself that I had a moral compass, and I mostly espoused others to do the right thing. But in January 2017 I was put in a situation where my moral compass was tested and, as it turns out, I have one.

It’s good to realise that you are doing the right thing. It’s also good to re-affirm why you do the work and live the life you live. I chose to work in this field to keep people, structures, businesses, and things safe. I also chose this work to do cool, fun things and take care of my family. I imagine that at one point I’ll know enough and have the right opportunities to maybe become wealthy.

That would be cool. I did not join this career to do bad things, to hurt people, or to get rich off the back of bad stuff. That’s not the man I want to be, nor the husband, son, father, brother, and grandfather. And I’m quite pleased that I won’t be.